New: Podcast for Therapists

At last we’re ready to launch a new podcast about psychotherapy offered primarily for therapists. Have a look at our 3 minute Video Introduction. It’s called, not surprisingly, “How Therapy Works,” hosted on Podbean and available through your favorite podcast sources. First a bit of background. As these pages amply attest, therapy, especially when it is intensive, not infrequently goes astray. I’ve tried to address this in the Primer on Attachment to Therapist post, but since then, it has felt like the right way to try to make some difference is to focus on offering therapists what I like to call “idea-tools” to help all of us do a better job. The podcast is a chapter-by-chapter companion to my textbook, Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide, available on the bookstore page of this site. The podcast is less formal, in an interview format with Amelie Southwood, LMHC… and it’s free. Here’s a link: Podcast: How Therapy Works. And don’t miss the video Introduction on Youtube.

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