About howtherapyworks.com

Howtherapyworks.com is a living, personal exploration of how human problems arise and how to bring about healing and growth. It is a freely offered resource and home for both clients and therapists and is informed by the Affect Avoidance Model, a non-aligned, unifying view of psychopathology and cure.

As a Stanford student, I decided to become a therapist and chose medical school as my route. Decades later, I am, if anything, more engaged in bringing lucidity to the remarkable processes that allow this relationship to become an instrument of change.

Since its inception, the most active thread has been Attachment to Your Therapist, comprising many posts and an e-book. A more recent addition has been a thread For Therapists with ideas that can be helpful to professionals. The very latest are posts around my forthcoming book, Launchpad to Adulthood: A ten-step countdown to independence, answering the needs and questions of families and individuals stuck on the threshold of adult life in a new and difficult world.

The blog represents my personal views. While I value science and data, my greatest contribution is what I have learned from experience. To understand more about my point of view, see World Psychotherapy and The Affect Avoidance Model. These views are further embodied in the book, How We Heal and Grow: The Power of Facing Your Feelings.


The ideas presented here are intended to help clarify issues and explain principles. Because every human and every human problem is unique, any advice that may be construed from these pages should not be used for clinical or life decisions without consulting with a qualified professional.