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Dear Therapist,

Welcome to a place for practical, fresh thinking about psychotherapy, based on recent science supporting the idea of a common infrastructure that underlies the action of all therapies. Your practice will be transformed (quietly) when you focus on therapeutic processes, rather than a set method. My personal mission is to make this knowledge accessible to all.

Recommended Free Starting Places:

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  2. The Common Infrastructure of Psychotherapy. An updated free eBook presenting a modern view of psychotherapy starting with an infographic.
  3. Howtherapyworks Podcast: A 26 episode audio course following the chapters in the textbook below, but in an interview format with Amelie Southwood, LMHC, EMDR. Free (for now).
  4. Browse the blog as it has evolved since 2010, when it began.

Next Steps

  1.  “The Affect Avoidance Model: An Integrative Paradigm for Psychotherapy.” You will need an account to read the article I co-authored at Jeffery Steven Smith, or ask me for a copy.
  2. Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide,  a textbook of psychotherapy not aligned to any school or orientation, but compatible with all , published by Springer, 2017. (See “Bookstore” for a link to Amazon.) 
  3. Consider becoming a Howtherapyworks Learner.

For Consumers

  1. Free: Getting the Most From Your Therapy: Become an Educated Consumer, (Libentia, 2019)  a free eBook.
  2. How We Heal and Grow: Thee Power of Facing Your Feelings, (Paperback, Libentia 2014, see bookstore/Amazon)
  3. Attachment to Your Therapist: A Conversation. (eBook, Libentia, 2015, see bookstore/Amazon)

Jeffery Smith MD DLFAPA

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