Podcast for Therapists

“How Therapy Works: Navigating the Therapeutic Space.” A podcast series to meet the needs of therapists with some training and experience, who want to understand what’s going on, based on universal principles applicable to all therapies and orientations. You will learn to follow clinical process instead of a method, as you were probably taught.

All 26 episodes are now published and, at the every biweekly pace we originally adopted, they the make up a year long intermediate course on integrated psychotherapy. What’s that? It means a course that is compatible with whatever training you might have had before. The series is a chapter-by-chapter parallel and companion to my textbook, Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide, available on the bookstore page of this site. The podcast is less formal, done in an interview format with Amelie Southwood, LMHC, a very intelligent and thoughtful early career therapist. And it’s free. Here’s a link: Podcast: How Therapy Works. And don’t miss the video Introduction on Youtube.

And, by the way, I’m launching a course built on top of the podcast and book that will include a video introduction to each session plus personal Q&A and group sessions to discuss practical application of the lessons. The course will cover the same three parts of the book: How it works, how to conduct sessions, and a catalog of all the problems you are likely to encounter in practice. Here is where to learn more.

Jeffery Smith

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