World Psychotherapy

The world is changing. The middle class population of the globe is expected to double by 2030. When survival is no longer the first concern, people begin to think about the quality of their lives and that of their children. Especially in the developing world, this means rapid growth in the demand for psychotherapy as well as training to become a therapist.

Even in countries with a long tradition of psychotherapy training, fighting between different styles and brands of therapy has placed the emphasis on techniques rather than on understanding why change is hard and how therapy really works. Now, for the first time, a deeper understanding of change is making it possible to draw wisdom from many therapies into a unified model of human psychological problems and how they can be resolved.

The mission of this website is to help patients and new therapists around the world by means of a simpler, clearer way of understanding our problems and how we change and grow. For a brief outline of this way of thinking, see the page (listed in this menu) entitled, ‘The Affect Avoidance Model.”

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